Management Consultant | Helps organizations co-create better business through applied Business Intelligence & Analytics

Remco Verheijen gets his thrill from hacking life, questioning accepted behaviors and taking on challenges previously seen as insurmountable. He primarily works for customers operating in highly competitive market segments, helping them out-innovate their competition. He reveals powerful new and surprising insights, makes complex things understandable and lets one look at his business from a different perspective. He co-designs, validates and implements new or improved strategies, business models and value propositions. He is an experienced management consultant and entrepreneur. He creates better business through applied Business Intelligence & Analytics.



Owner, Management Consultant, Applied Business Intelligence & Analytics

2-2002 tot heden
Experienced management consultant and entrepreneur. Helps organizations create better business through applied Business Intelligence & Analytics. Works both on a consulting -, project – and interim basis. Acts as sparring partner for higher- and middle management. Executes complex and highly innovative projects, proof of concepts and pilots. Uses new methods and cutting edge technology. Manages cross-functional multi-disciplinary teams. Effectuates change. Launches new products. Passes on the knowledge and skills necessary. Enables customers to continuously improve.

Birst Agile Business Analytics evangelist since 2011.

Motorsport Partners

Partner, Automotive, Motorsports

2-2010 tot heden
Executing financial and operational management. Supporting and coaching race car drivers. Coordinating and planning motorsport logistics and transportation. Providing trackside assistance. Developing visibility and brand awareness. Arranging sports hospitality and business exchange.


Member, Business Intelligence

1-2011 tot heden
Being part of a community of Business Intelligence experts. Sharing ideas, knowledge, best practices and must-have insights through keynotes, presentations, workshops, brainstorming sessions and round-table conferences.